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           Judd Hawk is a visual artist, musician, and fabricator.

Thematically, his works primarily focus on his life-long struggle with

migraines and the effects of living in chronic pain.  His art explores the chaotic and disruptive nature of this condition and conveys the dark and isolating world someone in chronic pain inhabits.  This world is shown as a stark and somber reality, with muted colors and tormented figures emerging from a hellish blackened patina.  These figurative reliquary paintings contain varied materials including oils, acrylics, compressed charcoal, resins, wax, bone, wire, thread, and found and sculpted objects. 


        Judd was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up in Florida, receiving his B.F.A. in Painting from the University of Florida.  After graduation he spent several years working in the museum and scenic industries fabricating natural history dioramas, as well as themed environments.  During this time he received extensive training  in sculpting, fabrication, mold making, and casting.  Many of these skills are dispersed throughout his work, using any means necessary to achieve the final outcome. He moved to the bay area in 1999 and now resides in Oakland, CA. 

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